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  • Winter landscape

    The essential guide to prepare for winter.

    Are you winter ready?

    Winter can cause a range of issues for heating oil users, from potential damages to your oil tank to delays on deliveries. We want to share with you some tips that will ease heating oil households into the winter. 

    Do you need a top up?

    With winter being the prime time for heating suppliers, ordering your oil before that rush can save you some pennies. If you will need a top up soon buying your heating oil before the lower temperatures creep in could save you money.

    To be extra careful, order early so the risk of you running out of heating oil in cold weather is low. 


    Get an emergency supply​

    Occasionally we may have a winter that ends up with snow blocking the roads, this can cause issues with deliveries as it can affect driving conditions. 

    The Kerosene Fuelbox gives you that extra security that even if your heating oil delivery gets delayed you will have a little stash to keep your home warm in an emergency. 

    Check your heating oil tank for damages

    With changeable temperatures in the autumn and winter seasons, any damages that your oil tank may have can worsen due to the weather. Look out for cracks, rusting, tank bulging, distortion, loose/damaged caps and filling points. These checks reduce the chances of you getting multiple problems later on such as leaks, water in your tank, pipe blockages or boiler damage which will definitely lighten your wallet at an expensive time of the year.


    Remove Water from your tank

    Water can harm your AGA or boiler without you knowing until it is severely damaged. Some of the most well-known reasons for water contamination includes damage to your tank such small cracks or accidentally not fastening the cap on properly.

    If you find water in your tank it’s important to remove it.  Have a look at the options below on how to remove water from the tank.

    1. Oil tank water removal sponge

    An oil tank removal sponge will absorb the water in your tank. This sponge will remove the water without absorbing your heating oil.

    2. Heating Oil Water Trap

    There is a filter that allows you to easily drain off any water collected from your heating oil

    Get a boiler service

    Your boiler is vital to keep your home warm in the winter, with boiler working less in the summer preparing it for the extra work in the winter reduces the risk of a breakdown. Those with gas boilers should have a service once a year by an OFTEC technician to ensure your boiler is safe.

    For those who have a oil- fired boilers it needs to be serviced twice a year. This is important as these boilers have a higher risk of carbon monoxide leaks and soot build up.


    Cut and neaten any plants around your oil tank

    Trimming back the plants around your oil tank will make it easier in the winter to access your oil tank in harsher weather conditions.

    Leaves can get into vents and the bund which can cause a blockage. Keep an eye on your plants as if they are overgrown it can make it harder for you to spot any damage on your tank. 

    If you are an enthusiastic gardener we suggest that when planting near your oil tank refer to the OFTEC guidelines so no oil tankers will refuse your delivery.

    Soften your oil tank lock

    In the winter thieves know the chances of you having a full tank of oil are higher, so making sure your lock is easy for you to access is important. Old locks in the winter weather have a tendency to seize making it harder for you to access and lock up your oil. To reduce accidentally leaving your lock open, aim to lubricate you lock before the cold weather approaches.

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