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  • How to make your oil boiler more efficient How To Make Your Oil Boiler More Efficient

    How To Make Your Oil Boiler More Efficient

    Oil Boiler Efficiency Tips

    Keeping your boiler efficient not only save you more  but also can reduce the chances of a boiler breakdown. BoilerJuice have some very simple steps you can take to make sure your boiler is running at maximum efficiency. 


    Get your boiler serviced

    It’s important to get your boiler serviced annually by an OFTEC qualified engineer to make sure your boiler is safe. The engineer will check if any parts need replacing and make sure that your boiler has the correct mix of air and fuel. 

    A well-serviced oil boiler will be up to 10% more efficient.  

    boiler servicing

    Use heating oil additives

    Heating oil additives help to reduce deposits on nozzles and heat exchangers within your boiler that reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler.


    Maintenance For Your Oil Boiler

    Maintenance is key to keeping your boiler running efficiently. Here are some simple steps we suggest you do to  help maintain your oil boiler:


    Check for sooty or black marks around the boiler

    Soot or black marks could indicate fuel in your boiler is not burning properly, this can reduce efficiency. It may also mean that your boiler may be emitting harmful gases, so it’s important to get your boiler checked by a qualified engineer.

    boiler soot

    Check vents and flues for blockages

    Poor ventilation will affect the combustion process which can reduce the efficiency of your oil boiler.

    Heating oil tank vent

    Flush your boiler water often and use a de-scaler

    This will ensure your boiler runs in tip-top condition. Flushing or using a descaler will make sure your boiler isn’t working overtime heating up clogged radiators.


    Bleed your radiators

    Bleeding your radiators makes sure your boiler isn’t working harder than necessary in the winter months when the central heating is on.


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