• How to be a greener when I use heating oil?

    How can I be greener and reduce my carbon footprint

    Most people are aware that heating oil is not the most environmentally friendly way to keep your home warm but, for people who live in rural areas, this is sometimes the only option. As we all become more environmentally aware, reducing your carbon footprint is more important to heating oil households. BoilerJuice are going to cover ways to reduce your carbon footprint created by their heating. 

    YouGov conducted a survey which focused on U.K residents and environmental concerns and found that “27% of Britons say the environment is in their top three issues facing the country.” This shows there is an interest from the public to reduce their carbon footprint.

    27% of Britons say the environment is in their top three issues facing the country.


    Reducing your carbon footprint caused by your heating can be difficult. You can start off with some simple changes that really can make a difference. We’ve put together some tips on being a greener heating oil user that any home can easily do.

    We have some tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint at home by using less heating oil.

    Avoid ordering smaller amounts of heating oil

    By ordering frequently you are increasing carbon emissions. Heating oil tankers can range in size but a standard tanker is a large vehicle. The more deliveries you receive, the more fuel that will be used which creates more carbon emissions. Try to order in larger quantities to reduce trips. 

    Use a timer or programme your thermostat

    Your home’s heating doesn’t always need to be on 24/7. If the kids are at school and you are at work, you won’t notice if your heating is on or off. Programme your thermostat or timer to turn your heating on an hour before you get home. This is a great way to keep your heating costs down and also reduce carbon emissions as you are burning less oil. 

    Seal up any cracks in around windows and doors

    Cracks around windows and doors can cause a draft which can make your home feel cold. Seal up any areas that you think heat maybe escaping. This should increase the temperature in your home, which means your thermostat may be able to come down a few celsius.  This will help reduce your heating oil usage, your carbon footprint and save you money in the long run.


    Young worker installing window in flat

    Use a heating oil company that offsets your carbon emissions

    There are now heating oil companies that offer a more environment friendly way to heat your home. The Connected Green option that is provided by BoilerJuice, is a new service that makes it easy for heating oil users offset their carbon footprint by planting trees. 

    Connected Green offset carbon produced by heating oil_ (1)

    There are now options for homes that rely on heating oil to offset their carbon footprint. The Connected product launched by BoilerJuice early last year and allows customers to heat their home without ever having to worry about their oil level or next top up ever again. BoilerJuice have also now developed this service even further with Connected Green. This is the first time that a greener option has been introduced allowing each customer to offset their carbon footprint by sponsoring the growth of a set number of trees each month. 


     When signing up to Connected Green a percentage bar will appear, this is where customers can choose how much of their carbon footprint they want to offset, it ranges from 25%-100%.  Check out the Connected Green live page now to see the impact this is already having! 


    BoilerJuice Connected Green

    Do you want to know more about what BoilerJuice is doing as a business to help reduce carbon emissions? 

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