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    How BoilerJuice Are Becoming Greener

    How are BoilerJuice becoming greener?

    As the no.1 marketplace for heating oil, there have been many discussions at BoilerJuice around how we can be greener as a business and help our customers be more environmentally friendly. 

    Providing guidance to our customers on how to be a greener heating oil household and reducing carbon emissions as a business is a top priority moving forward into 2021.

    Greener Option For Our Customers

    We have introduced a “Green” option to all orders!  Whether you have auto top-ups with the Connected service or order when you’re running low on heating oil, the Green option is available. 

    What is the “Green” option?

    The Green option gives you a choice to off-set your carbon emissions created by your heating.  If you are a Connected customer, we calculate how many trees need planting to offset your annual heating oil usage. If you do not have auto top-ups, we give an option to offset your individual order. 

    We are working with Forest Carbon who plant your tree’s into the BoilerJuice Forest in Spithopeburnhaugh. We are proud to announce we already have off-set over 3,000 tones of CO2 and over 14,000 hectares of trees!

    Grouping Orders

    We check every order to see if anyone else in your area has ordered their heating oil with BoilerJuice. If there are other orders,  we will group them together. This makes sure that the suppliers don’t make extra journeys, reducing the amount of fuel burned. Not only will you benefit from group savings, but we also limit the amount of carbon emissions created from the tankers.

    Are you interested in being greener?

    If you are looking to be a greener heating oil household and interested in ways you can reduce your carbon emissions, we have some great tips on our blog!

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