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    Can You Get Greener Heating By Carbon Offsetting?

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    Can You Get Greener Heating By Carbon Offsetting?

    Can You Carbon Offset Your Heating_

    The UK government has set a target to reach net-zero energy by 2050, so you may have already been thinking about how you can make changes to help contribute to hitting this goal. 

     Whether it’s driving, flying or heating your home, many of us contribute to carbon dioxide being emitted into the air somehow. According to The Energy Saving Trust, heating is the largest contributor to carbon emissions.

    If you’re wondering how to begin your journey to become greener, looking at your heating is a great place to start.

    Households would need to reduce their carbon emissions by 95% to reach the UK governments target of net-zero energy by 2050.

    The Energy Saving Trust

    Currently, there are over 1.5 million UK households using heating oil that will eventually need to look into reducing their carbon emissions. If you’re off the gas grid, already looking to be greener, but not quite ready to switch over to renewable energy, carbon offsetting is an affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint without changing your heating system.

    You might be thinking, what is carbon offsetting? Don’t worry, we’re going to cover how easy it is to carbon offset your heating emissions and how it works.

    UK average household CO2 emissions in kg based on Energy Systems Catapult analysis

    What is Carbon Offsetting?

    Carbon offsetting : Adding more oxygen into the environment to reduce or counteract the amount of CO2 emitted into the air created by an action.

    Is There Carbon Offsetting For Heating Oil Households?

    Getting greener heating when you use kerosene28 to heat your home can be tricky, however, there are carbon offset programmes that have been specifically created to tackle carbon emissions created by heating oil. 

    If you’re looking to get your top-up soon, you may want to look into which heating oil providers have a carbon offset option.

    If you’d prefer an online carbon offset programme specific for heating oil households, currently offer simple carbon offsetting with every heating oil order.

    How Does Carbon Capture Work?

    Carbon capture is a common form of carbon offsetting that is used in reforestation projects.


    Calculate the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the air from a process/action.


    Calculate the right number of trees to counteract CO2 and emit oxygen back into the environment.


     The next step is to plant the trees and watch them grow!

    Reduce Your Heating Emissions Today

    BoilerJuice and Forest Carbon have partnered together to help reduce your carbon emissions. If you’re interested in heating oil orders with carbon offsetting included , you can find out more today by clicking the button below.

    CO2 Tonnes Captured
    Green Trees
    Number of Trees Planted
    Customers Offsetting Carbon

    Want to know more about being greener?

    6 Ways To Reduce Your Heating Carbon Emission

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