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  • All You Need To Know About Red Diesel

    What Is Red Diesel?

    Red Diesel is a fuel that is used for off-road vehicles, power generation fuel and heating applications in a wide range of industries. The fuel is dyed red to tell easily tell the difference between fuel that is used in on-road vehicles.

    There is more than one name for Red Diesel, it can also be referred to as Gas Oil. Even though the fuel has two different names both are correct.

    Red Diesel is mostly used in agriculture to fuel tractors, combine harvesters and farming machinery. It is also commonly used in the construction industry as Red Diesel is used to fuel bulldozers, forklifts, cranes and back-up power generators.  

    How Much does Red Diesel Cost?

    What Is The Price For Red Diesel?

    Like many fuels the cost can change depending on a range of factors, this means that Red Diesel prices can be different every day. 

    You can find up to date prices at, these quotes are compared against a range of suppliers in your area to give you the best price on the day.


    Price Chart

    Keeping an eye on fuel prices can help you know when the best time is to buy your Gas Oil.  You may choose to top up with a large amount of fuel in one order is prices are low to save money in the long run.


     If you are interested in looking at Gas Oil over a period of time, you can check out a price chart.

    Red Diesel (Gas Oil) Prices in the UK

    The Law and Gas Oil

    Who Can Legally Use Gas Oil?

    As Gas Oil has a tax relief, there are some limitations on what vehicles can use Gas Oil. It is illegal to use Gas Oil for on-road vehicles as it is classed as tax evasion. 


    You can find out what vehicle is classed as on-road at


    You do not need a license to buy Gas Oil, but the suppliers who you buy off will need to be registered with HMRC. 


    If you are buying over 2300 litres of Gas Oil or using it for commercial use you will need to sign an RDCO form.

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